Ugandans say Thanks!

Following is an email message from Grace, of the Ugandan community.

Dear brother Keith,
we thank you for the assistance provided so that brother James gets
all the required medical treatment.His wife has just told me that he
was discharged from Hospital and back home already.Greetings to all
those in U.S concerned about us.Thank you


Thanks to all who contributed with money and encouragement.


Putting up a petition

Many, if not most all, know by now that there have been a group of Ugandans [28 at last count] who have been baptized following the Doctrine of Christ and who have participated in the receipt of the Covenant as given in the “Answer.”

The spokesman for the group is James Mubiru with whom I personally have exchanged numerous emails. James at last report is hospitalized with typhoid fever. His family and fellowship are asking for funds from anyone feeling so inclined to donate, to help defray the costs of treatment for this sickness. They have specifically asked for help in the amount of $200.00.

Funds can be sent quite readily via Western Union funds transfer. When Elaine and I help we obtain a form at our local Smith’s Food Store, and their service desk helps us make the transfer. But we are assured that Western Union or other fund transfer facilities are located all over. We have only used this one source, so that is the experience I will be referencing.

Info required to fill out form:

Emilly Katono
Address: Kajjansi, UGANDA
Phone: 256 706 947 055

Now what?

Take the filled out form to the service desk. They will fill out all the information into the Western Union machine and transfer the funds. There will be a small service charge above the amount you are sending for this. The service desk will then give you about a ream of paper which will include a tracking number.

Next you email Emilly as soon as possible telling her you have sent funds. In the email be sure to provide the amount you sent and the tracking number.

When Emilly goes to pick up funds they will have her present her ID. The information you gave must precisely match the info on her ID so make sure you spell her name correctly, and include for her the tracking number. What I have written above is correct.

If you cannot send funds these folks would appreciate a friendly email just saying hi and a hearty welcome to the group. Who knows you may gain a pen pal for life.