Baptism Name Submissions

Please note **If you have already submitted the name(s) of those baptized to Keith via email, you do not need to enter them here.

There are two ways to submit the name(s) of individuals who have been baptized on this page:

  1. Single Name Submission
  2. Multiple Name Submission

If you just have a few names, submitting them one at a time is the preferred method and the easiest for you to submit and for us to collect. However, if you are a recorder for a group please submit your names in a file as outlined in the multiple name entry section below. We will acknowledge all submissions.


Single Name Submission

Baptismal Record

  • By clicking on the submit button below, I certify under penalty of law, and before God and Angels, that the baptism I am submitting is correct according to my knowledge and has taken place.





Multiple Name Submission

If you have been saving names of those baptized for a long period of time or you are recording the names of many being baptized at a time, perhaps on a spreadsheet or even just a running list, it will be more efficient for you if you send your lists on the form below.

For multiple submissions please upload a spreadsheet formatted with these specific fields only:

  1. Last Name
  2. Middle Name
  3. First Name
  4. Year Baptized

Each of these 4 fields should be their own individual column in the spreadsheet and in the order listed above. Each person in the file will be listed as one line in the spreadsheet. Like this:

Last Name Middle Name First Name Year Baptized
Smith Joseph 1829
Cowdery Oliver 1829

We can accommodate most of the common spreadsheet file formats. It is important for the submitter of the file to include contact information. The submitter will be contacted regarding all multiple files submitted. If no valid contact information is provided we will not be able to verify the submission of your file and the names of those in it will not be recorded.

By clicking on the “Upload File” button below, I certify under penalty of law, and before God and Angels, that the baptism(s) I am submitting are correct according to my knowledge and have taken place.

Multiple Baptismal Records