If I could have the wish of my heart

My thoughts this past evening have turned to considering the three Nephites and what brought them to desiring a different thing for themselves than the other nine of their brothers. My inner vision has seen them struggling to come to understand in the days before it was granted, that such a thing might even be possible. I am sure that the accounts of others who had this great blessing of translation bestowed upon them had been read and studied. I am sure that the accounts they read of these others were at least as complete as the one we have today of these three in the Book of Mormon. These three read and envisioned this very thing for themselves. They had tried to see themselves caught up, as had been Elijah or Moses. I can only imagine that each had felt like I do when I have connected with another in explaining these glorious truths of the Lord’s Gospel; They felt that it would be their greatest desire to have this happen over and over until the very last possible soul had seen through their eyes what they had seen, had felt what they had felt, and had heard what they had heard, and because of their word, would come to connect with that Great One whose right it is to bestow these very things. To gain a true brother or sister is perhaps one of the greatest things a human being can experience, and to think that the Lord could use one, such as I, in helping this to happen. They had come to know the greatness of the experience and realized the “days of man” were too short to have enough of it.

I don’t know for sure which three it was, but there must have been a special bond generated as perhaps one expressed a more than usual interest in these things for himself, and then caught the elongated stare from another that signified a like interest. As they became aware of the other’s interest in this seemingly obscure and probably unthinkable desire, there must have been times when they slipped away together, away from the hearing of the others to discuss this smoldering fire of desire that was building together in them. They surely related to each other the things they understood of the accounts of those others, which would have included Enoch, Melchizedek, Alma and Nephi, son of Helaman. They thrilled that such a thing could happen to others and reveled in the thought of, “what if this were to happen to us?” And at the same time wondered what made those others special enough to warrant such a blessing. There were many things their record did not relate, just as there are many things obscure in ours. Part of their desire could only be fed by speculation.

Days past, months past, the work of being the Lord’s servants was arduous and sometimes downright dangerous. There were many, even though they were part of the “more righteous” who had been spared in the calamities, who took offense at these men’s sayings and teachings. Some had not heard these things at all, and others had long standing traditions which made what these twelve were saying just sound ridiculous. And today a special, but seemingly serious problem surfaced. Bringing everyone together under one belief system, and under one head, required the establishment of a church. But what would they call such a church? Standing on a dusty road, around a bend which put them out of sight of any other traffic, these twelve sought the wisdom they needed from the Source which they knew it was available. As had happened on other occasions like this, they suddenly became aware that their Master had come to join them. As He greeted them warmly and began conversing with them, they explained their seeming dilemma to Him. Looking upon them lovingly and considering them as the children they all still were in many respects, He gently answered very easily their concerns. I can see them all wagging their heads at the logic of His explanation and wondering, because of the simplicity of the answer, why they hadn’t thought of it. When suddenly the Master, who always gives more than asked, bore into each of them with His eyes as He asked, “What is it that ye would that I should give you, after that I am gone to the Father?”

Here the arduous nature of the work surfaced for all of them as they realized what they had been offered. Their Beloved Master was offering them all, the opportunity for respite, and not only that, but of magnificent compensation, for the torturous, dangerous, and sometimes seemingly thankless work they were doing for Him who had commanded them. As He asked each again, separately, “What is it my son that thou desirest?” The first nine responded separately but in like manner, “Beloved Master, we desire that when we have come to the age of man, that our work have an end, and that we come speedily unto Thee in Thy kingdom.” This certainly brought an affirmative response from Jesus and praise for the righteousness of their desire. However, the three who had all along entertained other desires, but never thinking the opportunity would ever be presented, were suddenly panic stricken by the responses of the others, and the acceptance and praise of their requests by the Master. “Will he think us ungrateful if we should ask something different from what He has already accepted from our brethren?” They cast a furtive glance at each other, and not knowing how or whether to take advantage of this presented opportunity, they simply cast their eyes upon the ground, and dared not to speak the true desires of their hearts.

Jesus looked lovingly upon the three and with that common mind with His Father which is in all and through all, knew immediately the nature of their desires; how long they had nurtured their hopes, and the reason they felt they could not now speak. I can only imagine the overwhelming joy He felt for these three who were expressing with their minds a desire to serve Him to the very end. He gently and softly spoke to all three together as He said, “I know your thoughts. Ye desire that which my beloved John desired of me as he came quietly and alone to me with this same desire. My beloved sons, this long wish of thy heart is granted unto thee, and more blessed are ye for this thing which ye desire.”

At this point is where I bare my own simple witness and desire. If I can bare my witness to just one more who will believe, I will be content. But, Oh my God! How my heart yearns for more of the same!