TV WORTH WATCHING and a conversation.

Interestingly, there was a TV program I watched the other night after we talked and my company went home, which addressed the subject of order and variety.  It did it in a very unique way.

Seems a new police chief came to town and one of the first things he learned was that the majority of crime in his city happened between the hours of 6PM and 2AM.  He also found that only 20% of his most senior – thus most experienced – police officers were ever on duty during those hours.  Because of seniority these experienced officers were able to draw daylight hours, thus leaving the city essentially in the hands of rookies during its most vulnerable hours.

Of course being the astute chief that he was he issued an order that for the foreseeable future all senior officers would pull duty during 6PM and 2AM.  As can be imagined, there was an outcry of anger from these experienced policemen who felt they were entitled to have a better shift because they had earned it.  Not only was there an outcry, but acting against this compulsive order was manifest by officers just not showing up for work or being excessively late for shifts.  One act of blowback really caused chaos at police headquarters when officers began bringing their children to work and dumping them off on some of the clerical staff, claiming they couldn’t get childcare.

This grumbling was intense for the first month and then began to taper off during successive months as more and more of the officers began to realize they really liked having this late shift so they could have freedom during the daytime hours to do many other things.  In fact, so much so that the chief realized he could loosen the mandatory nature of this assignment and still have enough senior staff to man those critical hours.

The change was so remarkable in that some of the most intense objectors to the mandate soon became its greatest supporters, seeing that this imposed order actually gave them more variety in their lives.  Then we find the chief uttering this amazing statement:

“Out of chaos comes order.”

The change of attitude didn’t come by mandate but by individuals making within themselves a paradigm shift – awakening if you will to many personal benefits coming their way, not the least of which was increased pride in their profession because of their greater impact on the afore rampant crime in their city:

And all of this because they simply changed their minds and not because the chief rescinded the order to take their turn working what he called “the super shift.”

Here it seems we have order (even to the extent of compulsion) producing variety among the whole police force without producing continued chaos.

Men are agents unto themselves, even in most cases of tyrannical order, and especially in this society, and can conduct themselves, if they so choose, without being part of the chaos going on all around them.  This is seen in a couple of other movies depicting real life situations, such as “Birdman of Alcatraz, and ” Bridge Over the River Kwai.”

Just look at what our Savior did with the order imposing his humble and humiliating circumstances. 

He rose to become a God!



“This is life eternal that they might know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.”

We bring the conversation time and time again to this truism, spoken in the scriptures and again reiterated by Joseph Smith Jr. as part of the King Follett discourse. It was no sooner uttered by the Prophet than almost immediately the following aphorism was cast up by Lorenzo Snow:

As man is, God once was. As God now is, man may become.

We say that it is only through the ministration of the Son that we can be brought to the Father, and we think that it is in this ministration of the Son bringing us to the Father that we finally come to know both the Son and the Father, thus insuring our eternal life. We will see them both in their immortal glory sitting upon Their thrones, encircled about by flaming Seraphim singing their praises with holy anthems of great power. In this ministration we will then see as we are seen and know as we are known, and consequently be invited to join, as equals, this triumvirate of Eternal Gods as one of the Eternals of this great “roundtable.”

The only problem with this is that we have joined the party at the end and really know almost nothing about this magisteral group and what brought them, in the first place to be our hosts.

If any man does not know God [as He was] and inquires only as to what kind of being He is – if he will search diligently his own heart if the declaration of Jesus Christ and the apostles be true, he will realize that he has not eternal life; for there can be eternal life on no other principle.

Based upon Joseph’s above utterance and the couplet that emanated from it, we can then have somewhat more confidence in Pope’s admonition: “Know then thyself, presume not God to scan: The proper study for mankind is man.”

Man will remain a mystery to himself until he has mastered somewhat the mystery of God. An understanding of each is essential to the understanding of the other. It is clearly within the spiritual economy of God that men should know Him; who, (possibly better stated, what) He was, is, and will be. Moreover, though it may be admitted that, “great is the mystery of Godliness,” yet God was manifested in the flesh, justified in the spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up unto glory – all in plain allusion to Jesus Christ, who was therefore God manifested in the flesh. This, so that all may know God through Jesus Christ, and by understanding Him understand God, and thus lay the foundation for better self-knowledge, and enhance the potential for his future eternal life.

We cannot, therefore, think we know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom He sent to manifest Himself in the flesh by having only seen them in their magisterial glory, seated upon their thrones. The best we can hope for, having thus seen, is a promise that upon our separation from this mortal coil we have the right to continue our quest in knowing Them. Better yet said, “As the Father hath power in Himself, even so hath the Son power.” To which the Prophet answers, “to do what? Why, what the Father did. The answer is obvious – in a manner to lay down His body and take it up again. Jesus, what are you going to do? To lay down my life as the Father did and take it up again. Here then, is life eternal – to know the only wise and true God; and you have got to learn to be God’s yourselves, and to be kings and priests to God, the same as all Gods have done before you, namely by going from one small degree to another, and from a small capacity to a great one; from grace to grace, from exaltation to exaltation, until you attain to the resurrection of the dead, and are able to dwell in everlasting burnings, and to sit in glory as do those who sit enthroned in everlasting power.” “What did Jesus do? Why, I do the things I saw my Father do when worlds came rolling into existence. My Father worked out His kingdom with fear and trembling, and I must do the same; and when I get my kingdom, I shall present it to my Father, so that He may obtain kingdom upon kingdom, and it will exalt Him in glory. He will then take a higher exaltation, and I will take His place, and thereby become exalted myself.

It is by becoming that we learn to know about those who have become. It is also in understanding that when Moses asked God on the mount what he should call Him when asked by the elders of Israel to give the name of He who sent him; he should say I Am sent me. In this declarative name we gain a more complete understanding of who God is by comprehending “I Am” is the present tense of the infinitive form of the verb “To Be.” And, as all verbs in English and most other languages have past tense, present tense, and future tense forms, so also would Christ’s declaration that He is, (I Am) also include that He Was, and that He Will Be. To see Christ or to know Christ in one condition exclusive of all the other possibilities does not allow one to say they know Him.

This thing called Eternal Life is a great thing. It is not only a (hoped for) condition but also a span of conditions that began long before we set our foot on the bottom rung of that ladder of intent to learn all the principles of exaltations and will continue on a great while into the future, after we have passed through this veil, until we have learned them all. “It is not all to be comprehended in this world – [“where conditions require a necessity to have a physical body to both come here and to perform”], but It will be a great work to learn our salvation and exaltation even beyond the grave – [“where there are other places beyond, with other conditions”].”


When it is all learned, then we will know God and His Son, Jesus Christ whom He sent, because we will truly see them as they are, for we will be like them. We will do as they do, and we will truly be seen as they are seen.

Change in baptism recording

Due to a problem within, which may very well have occured because of my own ineptness in using computers, we have determined, what for us, will be an easy fix. 
From now on after being baptized it will only be necessary for the baptized or their baptizer to send an email to stating the baptism has taken place and including the full name of those baptized and the year in which it took place.  A return email will then be sent by me indicating receipt.
This process can also be followed at by clicking on the Name Submissions page and following the same instruction given there.
We would like those who have been baptized since October 1, 2022 to resubmit their names and year as per these instructions.
Please disseminate this change as widely as possible to any you might know who you think will need this information, but probably won’t get it from the email or from this post.

Keith Henderson


If I could have the wish of my heart

My thoughts this past evening have turned to considering the three Nephites and what brought them to desiring a different thing for themselves than the other nine of their brothers. My inner vision has seen them struggling to come to understand in the days before it was granted, that such a thing might even be possible. I am sure that the accounts of others who had this great blessing of translation bestowed upon them had been read and studied. I am sure that the accounts they read of these others were at least as complete as the one we have today of these three in the Book of Mormon. These three read and envisioned this very thing for themselves. They had tried to see themselves caught up, as had been Elijah or Moses. I can only imagine that each had felt like I do when I have connected with another in explaining these glorious truths of the Lord’s Gospel; They felt that it would be their greatest desire to have this happen over and over until the very last possible soul had seen through their eyes what they had seen, had felt what they had felt, and had heard what they had heard, and because of their word, would come to connect with that Great One whose right it is to bestow these very things. To gain a true brother or sister is perhaps one of the greatest things a human being can experience, and to think that the Lord could use one, such as I, in helping this to happen. They had come to know the greatness of the experience and realized the “days of man” were too short to have enough of it.

I don’t know for sure which three it was, but there must have been a special bond generated as perhaps one expressed a more than usual interest in these things for himself, and then caught the elongated stare from another that signified a like interest. As they became aware of the other’s interest in this seemingly obscure and probably unthinkable desire, there must have been times when they slipped away together, away from the hearing of the others to discuss this smoldering fire of desire that was building together in them. They surely related to each other the things they understood of the accounts of those others, which would have included Enoch, Melchizedek, Alma and Nephi, son of Helaman. They thrilled that such a thing could happen to others and reveled in the thought of, “what if this were to happen to us?” And at the same time wondered what made those others special enough to warrant such a blessing. There were many things their record did not relate, just as there are many things obscure in ours. Part of their desire could only be fed by speculation.

Days past, months past, the work of being the Lord’s servants was arduous and sometimes downright dangerous. There were many, even though they were part of the “more righteous” who had been spared in the calamities, who took offense at these men’s sayings and teachings. Some had not heard these things at all, and others had long standing traditions which made what these twelve were saying just sound ridiculous. And today a special, but seemingly serious problem surfaced. Bringing everyone together under one belief system, and under one head, required the establishment of a church. But what would they call such a church? Standing on a dusty road, around a bend which put them out of sight of any other traffic, these twelve sought the wisdom they needed from the Source which they knew it was available. As had happened on other occasions like this, they suddenly became aware that their Master had come to join them. As He greeted them warmly and began conversing with them, they explained their seeming dilemma to Him. Looking upon them lovingly and considering them as the children they all still were in many respects, He gently answered very easily their concerns. I can see them all wagging their heads at the logic of His explanation and wondering, because of the simplicity of the answer, why they hadn’t thought of it. When suddenly the Master, who always gives more than asked, bore into each of them with His eyes as He asked, “What is it that ye would that I should give you, after that I am gone to the Father?”

Here the arduous nature of the work surfaced for all of them as they realized what they had been offered. Their Beloved Master was offering them all, the opportunity for respite, and not only that, but of magnificent compensation, for the torturous, dangerous, and sometimes seemingly thankless work they were doing for Him who had commanded them. As He asked each again, separately, “What is it my son that thou desirest?” The first nine responded separately but in like manner, “Beloved Master, we desire that when we have come to the age of man, that our work have an end, and that we come speedily unto Thee in Thy kingdom.” This certainly brought an affirmative response from Jesus and praise for the righteousness of their desire. However, the three who had all along entertained other desires, but never thinking the opportunity would ever be presented, were suddenly panic stricken by the responses of the others, and the acceptance and praise of their requests by the Master. “Will he think us ungrateful if we should ask something different from what He has already accepted from our brethren?” They cast a furtive glance at each other, and not knowing how or whether to take advantage of this presented opportunity, they simply cast their eyes upon the ground, and dared not to speak the true desires of their hearts.

Jesus looked lovingly upon the three and with that common mind with His Father which is in all and through all, knew immediately the nature of their desires; how long they had nurtured their hopes, and the reason they felt they could not now speak. I can only imagine the overwhelming joy He felt for these three who were expressing with their minds a desire to serve Him to the very end. He gently and softly spoke to all three together as He said, “I know your thoughts. Ye desire that which my beloved John desired of me as he came quietly and alone to me with this same desire. My beloved sons, this long wish of thy heart is granted unto thee, and more blessed are ye for this thing which ye desire.”

At this point is where I bare my own simple witness and desire. If I can bare my witness to just one more who will believe, I will be content. But, Oh my God! How my heart yearns for more of the same!


Statement of Support

Statement of Support

Being aware of the abundance of work that needs to be done to prepare a people and a place for the return of the Lord, we the members of a fellowship of families and friends who meet together in Clinton, Utah, issue this “Statement of Support” to our Brothers and Sisters who are anxiously engaged in the important work to be done.

We are thankful and express our gratitude for all who have applied their time, talents, and resources to past efforts. So many of those efforts have provided light and understanding for the blessing and benefit of us all. We know that much work is and has been quietly engaged in with no desire for recognition or fanfare. We pray that every worthy effort will be recognized and sustained by Heaven as surely it will be.

The Lord commanded, “Teach your children to honor me. Seek to recover the lost sheep remnant of this land and of Israel and no longer forsake them. Bring them unto me and teach them of my ways, to walk in them.” (T&C 158:11)

We pray particularly for those who are actively working to recover the descendants of Lehi on this land as well as the House of Israel in the land of Israel and other lands.

In as much as all cannot be physically engaged in every needful effort, We offer our hearts and our thoughts to be united with those who do the labor for the sake of the covenant, bringing to pass the blessing of God’s people and vindication of God’s promises to the Fathers.

Our hope and prayers are that Heaven will inspire with light and understanding, every individual found laboring. We also pray for a spirit of unity and harmony to be with those who labor with others to identify and obtain difficult objectives.

We are striving to heed the Lord’s recent counsel to us.

“But remember that without the fruit of repentance, and a broken
heart and a contrite spirit, you cannot keep my covenant; for I, your
Lord, am meek and lowly of heart. Be like me. You have all been
wounded, your hearts pierced through with sorrows because of how
the world has treated you. But you have also scarred one another by
your unkind treatment of each other, and you do not notice your
misconduct toward others because you think yourself justified in this.
You bear the scars on your countenances, from the soles of your feet
to the head, and every heart is faint. Your visages have been so marred
that your hardness, mistrust, suspicions, resentments, fear, jealousies,
and anger toward your fellow man bear outward witness of your inner
self; you cannot hide it. When I appear to you, instead of confidence,
you feel shame. You fear and withdraw from me because you bear the
blood and sins of your treatment of brothers and sisters. Come to me
and I will make sins as scarlet become white as snow, and I will make
you stand boldly before me, confident of my love.” (T&C 157:49)

“Be of one heart, and regard one another with charity. Measure
your words before giving voice to them, and consider the hearts of
others. Although a man may err in understanding concerning many
things, yet he can view his brother with charity and come unto me,
and through me he can with patience overcome the world. I can bring
him to understanding and knowledge. Therefore, if you regard one
another with charity, then your brother’s error in understanding will
not divide you. I lead to all truth. I will lead all who come to me to the
truth of all things. The fullness is to receive the truth of all things, and
this too from me, in power, by my word, and in very deed. For I will
come unto you if you will come unto me.
Study to learn how to respect your brothers and sisters and to
come together by precept, reason, and persuasion, rather than sharply
disputing and wrongly condemning each other, causing anger. Take
care how you invoke my name. Mankind has been controlled by the
adversary through anger and jealousy, which has led to bloodshed
and the misery of many souls. Even strong disagreements should
not provoke anger, nor to invoke my name in vain as if I had part in
your every dispute. Pray together in humility and together meekly
present your dispute to me, and if you are contrite before me, I will
tell you my part.” (T&C 157:53-54)

With gratitude for those who labor for The Kingdom of God and His Zion,

Clinton Utah Fellowship

Brittany Mulvey
Benjamin Henderson
Steve VanLeer
Linda VanLeer
Preston Hurst
Heidi Hurst
John Dutson
Elaine Henderson
Keith Henderson
Alan VanLeer
Jan VanLeer
Brian VanLeer
Kristen Weber
Tammy Hunt
Bonnie Parkinson
James Adair

Coronavirus Deception, Lies, Fakery, and Fraud trumps the truth

Knowing that secret combinations will abound in these last days, it would seem that a wise course would be healthy skepticism and not buying in too far to the loss of our freedoms, until we can see more of the end from the beginning. Too much of this “pandemic” just doesn’t make sense on any rational level and conformity is not always the righteous choice.


The following was written by Gary D. Barnett and posted on blogsite.

It is discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.”
~ Noel Coward (1979). “Plays, four”, Methuen Drama

The fear agenda propagated by governments and media is meant for one purpose and one purpose only, and that purpose is to deceive in order to gain power and control over people. One look around is enough to understand that this is a successful strategy, as the bulk of society has voluntarily imprisoned themselves at the behest of the ruling class. What is not spoken about concerning this imprisonment is that the population at large through incremental measures and indoctrination has been fooled into becoming more obedient and dependent for many, many years. The culmination of that obedience training and dependent mindset has now come to total maturation.

We are in the midst of what can only be described as the most prolific takeover of humanity that has ever occurred. This takeover has been achieved by state deceit, lies, fakery, and fraud, and has been accomplished in spite of all truth, logic, and sanity. How else could billions of people have been completely fooled into believing that an impotent virus was going to end life as we have known it on this planet? How else could a fake sickness created in a lab change the entire course of mankind? How else could false declarations by government cause people around this country to hide in fear in their own homes? How else could shaming others and reporting your neighbors to “authorities” be normal behavior? How else could abandoning family values, business, jobs and faith be so easily achieved?

To my knowledge, not one single death has been proven to be specifically from this particular Covid-19 strain, because the proper established methodology necessary to assure that proof has not been met. It seems we are all being manipulated due to an illusion, and not any legitimate or natural viral pandemic. Joseph Goebbels would have been proud to be a part of such deception, and would consider this virus coup to be the ultimate propaganda scheme ever devised.

“Crisis is the path to happiness. Decay and disintegration do not spell doom, but ascent and beginning. The powerful forces of a new creation operate in the hush beyond the noise of the day.” ~Joseph Goebbels (1987). “Michael: a novel”

This quote by Goebbels outlines exactly what is happening now, and his words ring true in the minds of the globalists and their puppets in government.

Cause of death has taken on a whole new meaning in this country due to the fraud called Covid-19, as no proof whatsoever is necessary to claim death occurred due to Covid. In fact, the CDC guidelines distributed to every doctor makes this perfectly clear, as the more deaths attributed to this so-called virus, the better it is for those standing to profit from this fake pandemic. In addition, most any that have had a flu shot in the past ten years would most likely test positive to the PCR test; a test that is faulty at best, but this truth is not even considered. Testing for any strain of coronavirus, as is the norm, does not isolate Covid-19, but it does vastly increase the numbers that can be falsely used by those attempting to push multiple nefarious agendas.

From Julian Rose at Global Research:

“The ‘gold standard’ in testing for COVID-19 is laboratory isolated/purified coronavirus particles free from any contaminants and particles that look like viruses but are not, that have been proven to be the cause of the syndrome known as COVID-19 and obtained by using proper viral isolation methods and controls (not the PCR that is currently being used or Serology /antibody tests which do not detect virus as such). PCR basically takes a sample of your cells and amplifies any DNA to look for ‘viral sequences’, i.e. bits of non-human DNA that seem to match parts of a known viral genome. The problem is the test is known not to work.”

Is this virus even a virus, or is it a long-term plotted response scenario purposely structured as a reaction to a planted idea meant to cause mass fear? Regardless of how or where this started, the totalitarian response is the real pandemic, as the response itself will cause the deaths of many more people than any fake virus has the ability to do. This is the truth that is shunned, as isolation, economic collapse, financial ruin, poverty, bankruptcy, unemployment, and extreme fear will have enormous and deadly ramifications for years to come. The psychological damage alone will be devastating, and sickness, immune system damage, suicide, abuse, and violence will escalate beyond anything imagined. In addition, economic systems across all sectors will not magically go back to normal when things reopen, and the fallout from these factors will cause extensive harm to individuals, families, and businesses for years to come.

What all should understand is that this entire exercise is a manufactured criminal undertaking by the dark forces that exist among us. The government and media are involved at a very high level, and are the lynchpin in efforts to implement draconian measures that will lead to a particular outcome. Many of those that control the politicians, and that also control the narrative, are for the most part hidden from view, but if one looks closely enough, the agendas being sought and accomplished, whether monetary restructuring, population control, mandatory vaccination, digital money systems, social scoring and surveillance, and other agendas fatal to liberty, the benefactors of these atrocious aims will become more evident. Once exposed, the lies and fascist partnerships become easier to identify, and once identified, the crimes being committed can be isolated and more easily targeted.

Tests are not only flawed but also useless in pinpointing Covid-19, deaths are being greatly exaggerated, if in fact not completely fraudulent, and most claims about this so-called virus are nonsensical and in many cases medically impossible. The media hype is being purposely staged so as to present a worst-case scenario where no real risk is evident. Does this sound like a stage production to you? It certainly appears to be a hoax at every turn.

This is a conspiracy of epoch proportions, and not theory at any level. It is a conspiracy that has been planned for many years, and has now been implemented and is being tested to determine just how far the elite monsters can go before the people wake up. Dissent is beginning, but it must not only continue, but also gain strength in the future. The public should not let any partial relaxation of dictatorial policies fool them, and in fact, all should be very skeptical of any temporary pullback meant to calm the herd. Like everything else, that will be a lie. My motto is to believe nothing and question everything. When government is concerned, this is a mandatory requirement if slavery is to be avoided.

I was asked by the temple committee to post the following information


All funds donated to the Temple Fund Committee have been and are held in their entirety without any disbursal for any reason, by the committee. Not one cent has been spent, or is expected to be spent, until construction commences.

Each person or party who has donated has received an acknowledgement from a member of the committee giving thanks for their contribution. Every donation is carefully recorded in two separate records maintained by two members of the committee.

We plan to provide full transparency of all gifts (with donor names withheld for privacy) as well as an accounting for all expenditures when the temple is complete.

The fund at this point has earned over $11,000.00 in interest, which also has not been spent, and which will continue to accumulate as part of the temple funds, until construction begins.

The Temple Fund Committee

Karen Strong
Janette VanLeer
Elaine Henderson

Declaration of the signees

A Declaration
Concerning The Lord’s Assignment To Us
To Write, Adopt, And Add A Statement Of Principles To The Scriptures ______________________
It is necessary for us, part of the Lord’s covenant people, to make known in writing our united sentiments regarding the months-long effort to write, adopt, and add to our scriptures a statement of principles, as has been required of us by the Lord. And whereas there exists no other suitable or meaningful medium for the silent majority of God’s people to make their voices known, we hereby proclaim our belief concerning said effort, and extend an invitation. This Declaration shall be added to the historical record which is kept among the people of God.
We believe the Lord requires us to add a statement of principles as a guide and standard to our scriptures. Just as the Lord required two specific sections to be “added” to the scriptures in the Answer and Covenant, noting that these additions would make the scriptural record acceptable, he also said concerning the statement of principles, “I require it to also be added as a guide and standard for my people to follow.” This clearly requires the statement be added to the published scriptures, as were the other two required additions.
We have, therefore, on more than one occasion, nearly unanimously agreed to a statement of principles that the scripture committee has chosen not to publish, thereby preventing the final step of the assignment from being completed. Recently, the same committee has said publicly that it now has no intention of publishing a statement of principles in our scriptures until such a time as “everyone wants to reprint the scriptures with a Guide and Standard as a permanent addendum.”
The Lord said, “Remember there are others who know nothing, as yet, of my work now underway, and therefore the guide and standard is to bless, benefit and inform them.” We believe a failure to publish a guide and standard that has been adopted by the mutual agreement of the people, cannot bless, benefit or inform others who know nothing of the Lord’s work, as it will not be readily available to those who purchase our scriptures.
The Lord also said, “it was a light thing I have asked…if your hearts were right and you prepared yourselves you could have finished this work long ago.” We believe those who say we are acting in haste misunderstand the Lord’s words and the assignment given to us.
Let this Declaration stand as a witness that we, as covenant people of the Lord, interpret the Lord’s instructions to us differently than do those who have prevented the accomplishment of this assignment. While some, including the scripture committee, do not consider it necessary to add to the scriptures a statement of principles by publication, we do consider it necessary, and have repeatedly attempted to pursue that end.
Therefore, as there has been, on more than one occasion, public demonstration that the preponderance of God’s people have voted to be mutually agreeable, and have attempted to publish a statement of principles as a guide and standard;
And whereas there remains to be seen any meaningful scriptural objection from anyone as to the content of the Lots Guide and Standard document, which has been agreed upon by a vast majority of the Lord’s covenant people;
And whereas the scripture committee currently chooses a course of inaction regarding the publication of previously agreed upon statements of principles, thereby preventing both an outcome consistent with the voice of the Lord’s people and the fulfillment of the Lord’s assignment to us;
We the people declare our written witness and affidavit before God, angels and men, that we have made a faithful effort to comply with the requirements of the Lord to us.
We now humbly request that the scripture committee, who for the present time, by virtue of a copyright, has control over decisions concerning the published contents of our scriptures, add the Lots Guide and Standard document to the scriptures by publication. If the committee chooses not to comply with the voice of the people, either because of the relentless opposition and disputation of some individuals, or because of their own private prejudices, then it shall be recorded it was they, and not the undersigned people of God, who chose thusly.
Some few may continue to choose opposition and disputation rather than unity. The confluence of disputation on one hand, and inaction on the other, have heretofore curtailed the completion of the assignment we’ve been given. We love, support and respect our brothers and sisters who may disagree with the voice of the majority and do not consider our difference of opinion in any way an act of severance, nor an intention to remove either ourselves or anyone else from our general fellowship. We recognize and are grateful for the sacrifice and labor of the scripture committee to produce our Restoration Edition of the scriptures. We invite all to stand with us in our weakness as a show of love and reciprocation as we attempt to accomplish the Lord’s requirements to us.
We remain a covenant people united in our determination to keep all of God’s commandments to His people, who choose kindness rather than disputation, and who are mutually agreeable with regards to this assignment. We desire to be faithful to the Lord by accomplishing all that he has asked or may yet ask of us.
Signed, beginning this day, April 6, 2018.

If you would like to add your name to this list of signees please contact Matt Lohmeier at

Susie Aagard
Gary Barlow
Kimberly Barlow
Nephi Barlow
Marv Bateman
Sharman Bateman
Shuree Bawden
Stephen Bawden
Russell Baxter
Aaron Bishop
Margaret Brough
Glen T. Cella
Mary Jane Cella
Meghan A. Cella
A. Maks Cella
Rick Cromar
Jeanene Custer
Lark Cyr
Christy Danner
Donald Danner
Erin Dippold
Jonathan Dippold
Vern Eastley
Anastasia England
Andrew England
James Fargo
Heidi Fargo
Derek Fausett
Devin Fausett
Krista Fausett
Terry Fausett
Mellody Fausett
Laura Fenn
Hi Gibson
Keith Henderson
Elaine Henderson
Jack Hinkle
Robert Hone
Jeremy Hoop
Whitney Horning
Vernon Horning
Enoch Horning
Mark Hudson
Jill Hudson
Janie Hudson
Jack Hudson
Ken Jensen
McKaye Johnson
Brandon Johnson
Brandon A. Johnson
Dianne Johnson
Robert Johnson
Sierra Kelsch
Sterling Kelsch
Adrian Larsen
Jennifer Lohmeier
Matthew Lohmeier
Sara Lohmeier
M. Lauren Luttrull
Tim Malone
Lynne McKinley
Christian Meyer
Julie Meyer
Sharene Morley
Spencer Morley
Jackson Naegle
Louis Naegle
rachel Naegle
Jim O’Rullian
Angela O’Rullian
Bonnie Parkinson
John P. Pratt
Phillip Redd
April Roundy
Jon Sanders
Tina Sanders
Dauna Sandmire
Blain Saunders
Christina Saunders
Karen Stella
Kirk Strong
Karen Strong
McKenzie Strong
McKelle Strong
McKessa Strong
McKyla Strong
Brian Van Leer
Kimberly D. Van Leer
Linda Van Leer
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Kevin White
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